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Water is Life

Digitally Optimized Access

Water is Productivity

If you are struggling to pay bills, water is the last thing you should be paying for and all too often access to clean water is not even online. 

We like to think that our political and commercial leaders have secured  the national defense of our water grid. But this is not the case. Often, the problem is too overwhelming for them to tackle to the scale that is necessary- so they focus on other issues.  

This is where our organization  rewards the positive behaviors of water conservation. We can do this using our multi-dimensional algorithm to optimize digital intelligence about conservation to better service the water grid for the benefit of those that need it most. 

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Water is Productivity

Digitally Optimized Access

Water is Productivity

Now more than ever, we have to be resolute in protecting the source supplies of life that also give birth to our local, national, and global economies. Whereas once the fight was just to protect the water quality, the quantity of available resources in given watersheds is increasingly a hard reality around the world. 

Without water to fuel our economies, there are no jobs to nourish local residents and those communities they live and work in that are already  dependent on the water grid.  

The delicate balance of managing for both economic prosperity and water sustainability often is political, manipulative, and does not produce satisfactory environmental protections in the long run. 


Digitally Optimized Access

Digitally Optimized Access

Digitally Optimized Access

Through FreeH2O.org and the Water Security and Conservation Banking Algorithm (WSCBA), we will work together as a community to use modern technology to produce water security for both residents and commercial use.  

Using  highly-specific algorithms to balance metered baselines and datasets of projected residential and commercial growth, WSCBA works to balance that growth with environmental sustainability using thousands of dynamic variables and predictive modeling  localized to individual communities and watershed basins... much left unanalyzed to date in the overall economic growth and sustainability equation.   

Join us and be the change that gives life to all. 


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Looking forward to connecting with you. Official fill station services and hours will likely happen in a few months.  Until then, you are welcome to connect with us here and set times to come visit and get some free water by appointment.  



FreeH2O.org and the Water Security and Conservation Banking Algorithm (WSCBA) is a pro bono initiative of The Dihedral Group, LLC. For more transparency,  see www.DihedralGroup.com

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